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Brand Consultant, Personal Development Coach,

Author & International Speaker

Joie Gharrity

Brand Consultant, Personal Development Coach, Author & International Speaker

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“It is your birthright as a women entrepreneur to empower yourself by sharing your gifts and talents with the world and grow a thriving business.”

Services & Programs

Joie G 113 empowers women entrepreneurs to be their own superstar by shining a spotlight on their company brand in the marketplace through her unique, tested, and proven branding and marketing programs and services.

Media Network

Media Network empowers women entrepreneurs by offering media opportunities that shine a bright spotlight on them and their company brand that elevates them to superstar status in the marketplace.

Books & Resources

Joie G 113 offers books, free resources, and personal development tools that empower women entrepreneurs to take their company brand and inner game to the next level.

Client Testimonials

“You are authentic and you give a powerful message to women. I definitely believe that authenticity is very chic and is so much needed in today’s lifestyle. I have learned so much from you and continue to grow through your coaching.”

Marian Taylor, Founder, The Marian Way

“Thank you, Joie! Working on Choices to Changes marketing campaign with you was game-changing!”

Sheila Kennedy

“You are amazing at helping people see their value. I will be forever grateful to you and how you have blessed my life.”

Lona DeRieux

“As Joie and I are refining my messaging she’s been driving home that ’20 + years of Pat and marketing with top agencies’ is a huge differentiator…and seeing it in my client’s testimonials was total validation. Thank you for sharing the spotlight so I can help others shine theirs.”

Pat Nunno Roque

“If you are looking for a strategic branding professional, I highly recommend you contact Joie Gharrity. I have tried her services and she’s the best and has an amazing track record to prove it.”

Virginia Earl

“I’m crushing hard on Joie Gharrity, because she has helped transform my biz to a whole new level and for that I just love her!”

Tobey Ann Terry

Superstar Women Entrepreneurs Media Network

Joie G 113 Digital Network empowers women entrepreneurs to create a beautiful personal and professional lifestyle with grace and ease. The network is dedicated to building an international recognized brand of livestream shows, podcasts, and the Joie G 113 virtual magazine.

The network is unique, it provides tools, tips, products, and services that include beauty, business, health, and spirituality exclusively for women entrepreneurs who are looking to include more ease and grace in their daily personal and professional lifestyle.

The network is headed up by Hollywood insider, online influencer, and brand consultant Joie Gharrity. She worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies, in film, television, original web content, and branded entertainment. She leverages her Hollywood connections along with her entertainment experience and branding expertise to gain greater visibility and online influence for the Joie G 113 Digital Network.