The Hollywood Spotlight Series is a LIVE Interview show that features television, film and online Hollywood industry influencers, including some of your favorite directors, writers, actors and online personalities that gets thousands of views.

The show host, Joie Gharrity, is Brand Director, Live Stream Host, Author & International Speaker who worked in the entertainment industry for more than 15+ years with top companies, in film, television, original web content and branded entertainment. Joie’s mission is to use her unprecedented access to pull back the red curtain allowing elite guests to authentically share their journey, tools and tips on how they took their dreams from conception to fruition in the toughest business in the world.

The intention of the show is to inspire everyone, regardless of the field they are in, to know that they can take inspired action to Dream Big and move their dreams to Superstar Status.

The Hollywood Spotlight 

Meet Hollywood Director Tyler Winther and Executive Producer Vivian Winther Facebook Video Views 16.5K

On this episode of The Hollywood Spotlight Series Joie Gharrity talks with Hollywood Director
Tyler Winther and Executive Producer Vivian Winther of Goliath 22. . It has been accepted into the prestigious Oscar Qualifying short film festival, HOLLY SHORTS

Meet Hollywood Emmy Award-Winning TV Director Mary Lou Belli Facebook Video Views 4.5K

Emmy award-winning Mary Lou Belli has been directing television for over 20 years including NCIS New Orleans, Pitch, Monk, Famous In Love, Devious Maids, The Quad, American Woman, and Hart of Dixie as well as Wizards of Waverly Place, Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, and The Game. Mary Lou is the Co-chair of the Women’s Steering Committee at the DGA where she also serves on the Western Director’s Council, and the Leadership Council PAC. #HSS

Meet Hollywood Entertainment Executive Frank Gonzalez – Facebook Video Views 4.7K

Entertainment Executive Frank Gonzalez is the DGA Executive in Charge of Diversity Programs and Committees. He is a seasoned entertainment executive with the unique blend of corporate, creative, and Guild experience. Gonzalez is charged with implementing the DGA’s diversity strategy in concert with the Guild’s Leadership and the DGA Diversity Task Force. Gonzalez’s role has also been integral to the development, launch and oversight of the DGA’s newly expanded talent development initiatives, including the DGA Director Development Initiative (DDI) labs and mentorship program. #HSS

Meet Hollywood Writer & Director Robyn Osborne Paris Facebook Video Views 4.8K

Meet Hollywood Writer & Director Robyn Osborne Paris. Robyn created, directed and produced the original mockumentary series “The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? The film on which her series is based, “The Room,” is widely known as the “Citizen Kane of bad movies” and has inspired a global cult following, and a major motion picture starring James Franco, “The Disaster Artist.” Robyn’s series features seven (out of nine) of the original actors from the cult film, including Robyn herself, who plays the character of “Michelle” in “The Room.” TRAWATN premiered in partnership with Funny or Die. The series was “top of the feed” for six weeks straight, with a “funny” rating well over 80%. Robyn still tops the “creator leaderboard” on Funny or Die. #HSS

Meet Hollywood Theatre Director Anne Johnstonbrown and Hollywood Actress Veronica Crystal Young – Facebook Video Views 4.5K

Hollywood Theatre Director Anne Johnstonbrown & Hollywood Actress Veronica Crystal Young share about writing, directing and acting in the  LYMAN The Musical. About the show: When a woman meets a homeless man she thinks she recognizes, she wonders if his life would have been different had he made different choices. Was he really a hero like he claims to have been? If he wasn’t on the streets, where would he be? #HSS



Meet Hollywood Director & Writer Indy Saini Facebook Video Views 5.3K

Indy continues to develop her understanding of filmmaking and storytelling from some of the best in the world, working with Directors Ang Lee and David Lynch. She is currently in post production on an Web Series Women In The Front Seat. The Web Series paints a vibrant and diverse picture of women owning their Power, moving forward with Speed, and no longer asking permission to live a life of Freedom. #HSS


Meet Hollywood Genre Director Ben Rock  Facebook Video Views: 3.5

Ben Rock is a prolific director of theater, film, television, online, and commercial projects – generally with a dark spin. After working for years as a SFX makeup artist, Ben moved into creative world-building as the production designer and backstory writer for “The Blair Witch Project” (designing the iconic “stickman”). He then wrote and directed several Blair Witch spin-offs and cutting-edge viral content to promote “Hellboy”, “The 4400”, and “True Blood,” the Warner Brothers sci-fi feature film “Alien Raiders”, co-created and directed of the award winning web horror/comedy series “20 Seconds to Live” and associate produced Adam Green’s upcoming “Victor Crowley. #HSS

Meet Hollywood TV Director Laura James  Facebook Video Views 3.1K

Meet Hollywood TV Director Laura James. L.J, is a comedy television director in Los Angeles. She got her first shot on the hit Disney Channel show, “Austin & Ally” where she directed multiple episodes. She also directed digital shorts series for Disney Channel and music video for solo artist Pat Kearns. LJ is one of two participants to have been chosen for the Disney Channel Multicamera 360 Program. She has been hand picked to be part of the prestigious CBS Directors Initiatives Sets 2017-2018. #HSS

Meet Digital Influencer and Online Personality Caren Glasser – Facebook Video Views 4.4K

Caren Gasser is a Digital Influencer and Online Personality. She has invested the past 40+ years being of service to the community by sharing her gift of song and media. She has been produced by Rhino Records. Created 8 CD’s that focus on moving community towards hope. She has provided arts programming for the public and private schools sector in LA. Authored 4 books. And is the host of an influential WEB TV Show and The Founder of The Little White Lie Digital Network.



Meet Actor & TV Web Host Brian Rodda

Brian Rodda is a consummate entertainer, actor, and host. Brian has become a “go-to” host for some of the hottest red carpets in Hollywood. In 2014, Brian Rodda worked with as the host and producer of: Digital Natives: Content Creation’s Front Line and Tailor Made with Brian Rodda, where he shot over 60 episodes. Brian is best know for The Brian Rodda Show. Always current and on to what’s trending online and in the real world, “The Brian Rodda Show” brings style and good taste to the internet and beyond. #HSS


Bethany Rooney has been at the helm of over two hundred episodes of prime time television for more than thirty years. Her reputation as an actor’s director who leads with gentle command has made her part of an elite group of television industry leaders. She serves as the co-chair of the DGA’s Diversity Committee and shares her knowledge of the craft by teaching the intensive Warner Brothers Television Directors Workshop. #HSS