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Love Capacity – Part 2

Love Bucket - Part 2 (You can read Part 1 here: Love Bucket Part 1) At my friend’s life celebration, I was sitting in disappointment, anger, fear, sadness... then something extraordinary happened. A bright light of pure love washed over me. Suddenly a serious of past...

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Love Capacity – Part 1

Meet the new face of love. I am not a super affectionate person. I am not big on giving or receiving hugs. I did not grow up a flower child. Growing up I would hear things like "All you will ever need is love." "Love is the answer." and honestly along with Hallmark...

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Build Your Dreams With Daily Habits

When my meditation teacher encouraged me to meditate daily I was resistant at first. I couldn’t imagine one more thing to do in my very busy morning routine. When my meditation teacher shared with me that this daily habit would get me what I wanted both personally and...

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