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Superstar Women Entrepreneurs Media Network is the livestream destination by and for women entrepreneurs. The goal is to help women entrepreneurs uplevel their businesses and their earning power and gain more ease and grace in their personal lifestyles.

You will see plenty of amazing Livestream shows about business, health, wealth, books, beauty, and spirituality for women.

If you are feeling inspired to connect your brand with female entrepreneurs globally, we would love to connect.

We are frequently seeking out opportunities to work with our business model.

Target Market

Our audience is Female Entrepreneurs between the ages of 32 and 62 who are inspired to jump into the entrepreneur arena or are currently an entrepreneur. They are eager to learn more to uplevel their business, earning power, and create a lifestyle of ease and grace. If you are a brand and feel like you can work with our business, connect below.

We ensure that our clients have the necessary tools and strategies that will help them achieve the growth and success they need. We have a team of experts that are able to assist you with brand development, promotion, and online presence. Our main objective is to integrate both marketing and creating a social presence for brands that will attract more customers.

We work with each client with a customized strategy that is catered to your company’s needs.

We have a social media presence of 1.3M!

We have a Facebook group designated specifically for women entrepreneurs with over 11,000 members.

We have an email list of over 3000 women entrepreneurs.

We also cross-promote the network shows to optimize and elevate to the top of the social channel algorithms.

Please contact us for Paid Sponsorship Opportunities with your budget and ideas.

We only accept PAID Sponsorship Opportunities.

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Sponsorship & Advertisement

We are currently accepting collaboration opportunities with brands.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to collaborate with our brand.

We create only quality content that our audience has come to know, love and trust.

To stay true to the quality of our brand for our audience, we do extensive research and only feature brands and guest that will resonate with our audience.

There are many ways we can work together, such as press, sponsored shows, social media stories, giveaways, video asset creation, and email campaigns. If you have another collaboration idea we would love to hear it!

Types of Collaborations & Sponsorship Opportunities Available on Superstar Women Entrepreneurs Media Network:

  • Sponsored Show such as a premiere that featured you and your brand.
  • Social Media Spotlight
  • Affiliate Partnership

Contact for more information.
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Please do not message us about free advertising, or random sponsors that do not speak to women entrepreneurs. And please do not try to sell us any products or web-based services. We will ignore. Thank you in advance!

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