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Joie G 113 SWE-Media Network - Business Kare with Kerstin O'Shields

SWE Spotlight With Joie content creator Joie Gharrity pulls from an entrenched Hollywood background, providing her with an amazing forcefield to back her marketing and branding lessons and expertise.

Joie shares lessons along with memorable stories from true tales stemming from her 15+ years working around the limelight of Hollywood goings-on as examples for her fun and informative podcast. You’re not going to see the special guests Joie interviews just anywhere on the internet, that’s for sure!

Joie G 113 SWE-Media Network - Business Kare with Kerstin O'Shields

Business Kare With Kerstin showcases the many talents of international leadership coach Kerstin O’Shields. Communication at every level, even non-verbal, is the cornerstone of Kerstin’s leadership style and study.

Connecting, educating, and networking with women resides at her core.

Expect Kerstin’s podcast to serve you topics beyond what you are thinking about leadership as she unravels how to enhance your business through mindset mastery, understanding culture, and finding your influence and impact to level up in your industry.

Joie G 113 SWE Media - Healthy Delicious Lifestyle with Claudine Francois

Healthy Delicious Lifestyle With Claudine is brought to you with exceptional research and notable care by Claudine Francois, an accredited functional medicine and holistic health practitioner.

Her superpower is transformational for the women she passionately serves.

Claudine’s lineup of successful, colorful guests, in tandem with tantalizing topics, helps you align your insides and out, so you can understand and deal with root problems, allowing you to live your life to the fullest in an enjoyable, tasty way on her podcast.

Joie G 113 SWE Media - Brilliant Marketing with Mary Barnett
Widely known as MobileMary, the brilliant and vivacious dynamo bringing you Brilliant Marketing With Mary is the easy-to-love Mary Barnett.

Mary’s vast experience wrapped in a zesty attitude toward business and helping clients accelerate is a winning combo you don’t want to miss.

Mary delivers insights along with top-notch guests for a powerful punch to ramp up business in a multitude of areas for women entrepreneurs on her podcast. She believes in the power of tools, training, and teams to propel business growth and communicate in a way that’s just right for your business and customers.

SWE Media Steps to Feel Good Daily with Lona DeRieux

Steps To Feel Good Daily With Lona features the lovely Lona DeRieux, a Wellness Advocate and Energy Worker. She is a certified Emotion Code (EC) and Body Code (BC) practitioner and specializes in a revolutionary energy-balancing system.

Listening to Lona’s podcast promises to help your life-force energy. She faithfully brings you tips with each show, even before talking with a wide variety of intriguing guests.

Lona helps you discover “trapped” energy and how it reveals physical, emotional, and spiritual drag that is key to taking on new habits for a less stressful lifestyle for women.

Joie G 113 SWE Media - Healthy Delicious Lifestyle with Claudine Francois

Cori Wamsley, the founder of Aurora Corialis Publishing,, brings a rich business background, along with tons of writing, editing, and publishing practice to her podcast.

Page Turner’s Studio With Cori is a bookworm’s dream, covering not only authors and their books but also publishing secrets and how-to information.

Cori’s impeccable reputation and long-earned relationships help to align her programming with a loyal fan base as she establishes her expertise on SWE Media Network.

Joie G 113 SWE Media - Brilliant Marketing with Mary Barnett
Coming Soon!
Kimberly Layne Roberts is the founder of Performance Leadership International. Kimberly’s new podcast is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs design meaningful lifestyles by incorporating wealth, wisdom, tools, tips, and resources.

Her show Wealth And Women With Kimberly features women entrepreneurs sharing their journey to a wealthy lifestyle as it exists at all levels. Kimberly’s success with team building, executive coaching, and connecting gives her keen insights to share.