Book ~ Being Your Own Superstar: Expand Your Love Capacity

Joie gets you on the red carpet with her first book, The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence. She shares her Hollywood journey along with branding and marketing techniques used to turn up the spotlight on your personal and professional brand to grow your visibility and influence and increase your earning power.

Now that you are on the Red Carpet, Joie’s second book, Being Your Own Superstar: How to Expand Your Love Capacity, gets you on the big screen by focusing on your inner game.

Joie observed superstars while working in Hollywood and has discovered their secret sauce. The size of their love capacity is in direct alignment with how large of a spotlight they can stand in, and how much love they are able to allow in receive and accept from the marketplace. Joie shares her signature journey to being her own superstar along with techniques, tools, and tips that will enable you to take your love capacity to, push through the glass ceiling, replace overwhelm with eagerness and focus, and become a superstar in your life. She designed the book to double as a play guide for you to implement her signature The Love Capacity Daily Habits to manifest your dreams and desires quickly and easily.

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What People Are Saying

“In Being Your Own Superstar Joie outlines a system for increasing your Love Capacity so that you can allow, receive, and accept a massive amount of love. The more you can embrace love, the faster you can unlock your dreams and achieve your goals. Often, we allow fear, imposter syndrome, being “too much” or “not enough” to diminish our self-worth, effectively setting up roadblocks to success. By allowing, receiving, and ACCEPTING more love, breakthroughs follow. With a clear, easy-to-implement practice that takes less than 30 minutes per day, Joie gives you the tools you need to fill your Love Capacity to overflowing. Using her own personal experience, and the wisdom of trusted advisors, Joie brings the practice to life and shares her own incredible results. I am blessed to know Joie and have witnessed this evolution – it is incredible and I am thrilled to have this book, and these resources, to embark on my own adventure!”

J Shepherd

“Get this book and learn the profound secret to elevate your life.

This powerful book reveals a deep truth that provides me with new hope.

Author Joie Gharrity writes: “It became obvious that the reason we play small isn’t solely because of the fear of criticism or rejection which I always believed was the bottom line. … the reason we play small is because of our inability to allow, receive, and accept LOVE. The superstars and leaders in the industry I observed could allow, receive, and accept massive amounts of love. The more love you can allow, receive, and accept, the bigger the dreams and desires you have can come to fruition (page 12).”

Wow. What a profound understanding.

Even better, the author reveals 4 Expanding Your Love Capacity Activities.

I found the 5 Steps of the Expand Your Love Capacity Daily Habits to expand my perceptions and possibilities. The Habits only take five minutes, but they set the tone of the day and open me to more blessings in life.

Get this book and elevate your life journey.”

Johanna E. Macleod

“Joie Gharrity is a Master of The Psychology of Personal Development to Elevate Your Brand. In my humble opinion, Joie Gharrity has uncovered an ancient secret that has been kept from the masses for too long! Are you seeking answers to the following questions: “How can I become more impactful in my work?” “I work hard but I am not achieving the results that I expect. Something needs to change! But what?” Joie will address your questions and provide tools and perspectives that will guide you to greater results in your work and in your life! You may be surprised by Joie’s candor and willingness to unveil her personal experience and hard-won wisdom for your benefit. Take Joie’s advice – increase your love capacity and you will receive rewards far beyond your current comprehension.”

Sylvia Bambra

Learn more about Joie’s first book The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence, She shares tangible Visibility and Influence strategies, techniques, and tips. She designed the book to double as a guide for entrepreneurs to implement her branding and marketing techniques easily and quickly as well as create a business that soars high in the marketplace. 

Melodieann Whiteley
5.0 out of 5 stars Struggling to Get Noticed?

I absolutely love this book! In the ever-increasing onslaught from social media, television, and what-have-you, it can be difficult to get your brand to stand out from the rest. Joie’s experience in Hollywood taught her how to get herself and her clients noticed. And she shares all of that in her book. The tasks are actionable and effective. The information is invaluable. If you want to shine a spotlight on your business, your non-profit, or yourself, you need this book.

M. Mathews — 5 out of 5 stars — Fantastic tools for advancing your business and self!

Highly recommend this book. Clear, Concise, and Creative. Filled with valuable information and exercises to help become the BEST in any business! Personally, I am so excited to continue this journey, knowing that I now have the tools in my toolbox to “Step out of the Shadow and into the Spotlight”!