Be Your Own Superstar And Increase Your Earning Power Today

Brand Director, Live Stream Host, Author & International Speaker Joie Gharrity worked 15+ years at top studios in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry. She is known for sharing her signature Hollywood stories with the audience about what she learned from the experience. She believes that we are all born to be our own Superstar and that it is our birthright to stand in our Spotlight, grow our Visibility and Influence and increase our financial abundance. She shares branding and marketing strategies and techniques to cut through the noise in the marketplace and connect with your target audience based on their shared needs and interests. Which encourages the marketplace in return to spread the word about you and your brand. In this dynamic, interactive session, Joie will share content driven branding and marketing tangibles that you can implement easily and quickly:

  • Create valuable content that converts your “Ideal Client” to brand evangelist.
  • How to shine a bright Spotlight on your past, current and upcoming projects and turn up the buzz in the marketplace.
  • Turn the online world into your private red carpet marketing machine to increase your influence and earning power.

IT IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT TO STAND IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL SPOTLIGHT In today’s crowded marketplace it can be challenging at times to be Visible and increase your personal and professional Influence. Technology has catapulted personal and professional branding into the forefront. And knowing how to create and leverage your personal and professional brand is a must. It is directly linked to growing your influence and earning power. Joie shares cutting edge strategies, techniques and tools to help you develop and grow your personal and professional brand. In this interactive session, you will learn to:

  • Create a unique personal and professional brand.
  • Highlight your expertise, achievements and success to gain greater influence.
  • How to turn the online world into your private marketing machine to increase your influence and earning power.


A dynamic and powerful professional branded sales pitch can create an emotional connection with your clients and customers and generate brand loyalty. To generate brand loyalty, always highlight how your brand can make a potential customer shine. Make your professional brand top-of-mind and watch your business soar. In this hands-on program, you will master strategies to:

  • Create a professional, branded sales pitch to attract high-value clients in just five, easy steps.
  • Put the spotlight on your expertise, achievements and successes to gain greater influence.
  • Craft a compelling sales pitch that makes an impact on clients and customers and achieves higher levels of success.

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“I’m STILL talking about the presentation you did for my Radiant Woman – so many “aha’s”!”
Claudine Francois

“I loved your new keynote. Full of emotion, inspiration and truth! You go girl!”
Marion Gellatly

“Thank you Joie Gharrity for such a heartfelt inspirational talk and reminder to receive LOVE!
Heidi Parr Kerner

“Congratulations Joie hearing you at the NAFE conference a year ago literally changed my life and the way I reflect myself and my art to offer online and in person. Thank you because you are really a sister for other women.”
Alessandra Thornton

“Thank you for your presentation at the last Successful Thinkers meeting – finding my “IT Factor” truly has changed the way I’ve been carrying myself and i have a renewed sense of power.”
Jessica Dousa

“As always outstanding keynote presentation Joie. You rocked the room! You’re the best authentic presenter!”
Madlen Saddik