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The Superstar Women Entrepreneurs Media Network is unique, each Livestream/podcast hostess is a woman entrepreneur who is an expert in their field and provides tools, tips, products, and services that include business, health, fashion, wealth, beauty, and spirituality exclusively for women entrepreneurs looking to incorporate more ease and grace into their daily personal and professional lifestyle. #SuperstarWomenEntrepreneursMediaNetworks

The media network is headed up by Hollywood insider, online influencer, and brand consultant Joie Gharrity. She worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies, in film, television, original web content, and branded entertainment. She leverages her Hollywood connections along with her entertainment experience and branding expertise to gain greater visibility and online influence for the Superstar Women Entrepreneurs Media Network a division of Joie G 113 Media Network.

Meet the SWE Hosts

Content Creator Kerstin O’Shields is the founder of Business Leadership Excellence Institute. She is on a mission to help women entrepreneurs stop struggling in their business by incorporating leadership and mindset tools, tips and resources that magnetize a successful business on her globally recognized show Business Kare With Kerstin. You can catch her show featuring women entrepreneurs who share their journey to magnetizing a successful business every Tuesday @ 7:00 AM PST 9:00 AM CST. #BusinessKareWithKerstinLIVE

SWE Media Healthy Delicious Lifestyle with Claudine Francois

Content Creator Claudine Francois is the Founder of Good Clean Taste. She is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs design a healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy and delicious tools, tips, and resources that empower their inner and outer game on her globally recognized show Healthy Delicious Lifestyle With Claudine. You can catch her show featuring women entrepreneurs who share their healthy delicious lifestyle every Monday @ 9:00 AM PST 11:00 AM CST. #HealthyDeliciousLifestyleWithClaudineLIVE

World Summit for Livestreamers & Podcasters - Anita Sonya & Joie Gharrity

Anita Sonya is host multiple international summits bringing together top speakers from diverse industries.

Her motto ‘Inspire to succeed’ has given her the chance to create the platforms supported by international sponsors for the experts in their fields to share their expertise, experiences, knowledge, skills, tips, and tricks to reach the top so that the people can reach them out easily. On this episode she features Livestreaming/Pocaster Joie Gharrity and they discuss Joie’s Superstar Women Entrepreneurs Network along with livestreaming trends and more.