When your brand is effectively conveying the message you want your company business is influencing customer’s opinion about your business and emotionally connecting with your customer base.
Creating a dynamic and positive brand perception and being consistent with your brand messaging about your business can influence buying decisions. By creating an affinity or emotional connection with your brand it provides justification for paying a premium price for a service or product with your customers. The ultimate goal is creating loyalty in the marketplace for your brand.
Brand Strategies That Can Influence Consumer Buying Decisions, is a step-by-step process that delivers the results you need for explosive growth and success.

Brand Strategy #1

Your brand messaging tells the consumer what to expect and how you want them to emotionally connect to your products and services.
For example:
At 113 Branding we are committed to helping entrepreneurs and creative types leverage their expertise, gifts and talents with a clear strategic roadmap to paying customers and lucrative opportunities. We do this through a unique, tested and proven framework of branding and marketing strategies, tools and tips that gains their brand Visibility and Influence that elevates the clients to superstar status in the marketplace.
Brand Strategy #2

Your company branded “voice” should tell your customer what to expect while interacting with your business brand and is a great tool to leverage your emotional connection with your customer.
For example: Is your company branded “voice”:

• Corporate
• Business Casual
• Luxury

Once you define your company branded voice it is important that it is consistent across all your business channels:

• Website
• Social Media
• Marketing materials
Brand Strategy #3

Social media is an excellent tool with which to build trust and emotionally connect with your customer. It is a great way to explain products and services, or a way to follow up and check in on customers. Social media offers automated monitoring tools and alerts. It makes staying in touch with customers and attracting potential customers easy and it is free.
Social media is a way of building trust in the market place. However people want to get to know the person behind the “brand.” Allowing people to learn about you is just as important as allowing people to learn more about your business.
Social media helps business build more loyal customers and a great way to emotionally connect. Customers relate to brands they can trust.
Brand Director, Author & International Speaker
Joie Gharrity

Joie was inspired to write The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence because she realized that most creative types and entrepreneurs were not focused on standing in their own Spotlight and selling themselves, which impacts their long-term success and earning power.
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