Supporting women entrepreneurs comes naturally to Joie Gharrity.

With a demonstrated respect for powerful women in all aspects of business, Joie is on a path to profoundly impact businesswomen by providing a resource center to support them completely.

Look, women say they support one another and say they want to, but in the real world, well, this isn’t always the case.

But Joie’s determined to escalate women to feel their power and to help them reach the levels they aspire to and often belong to but just don’t own it. Spotlighting women in every aspect of the media empire she’s working to build is central to Joie’s plan.

It’s no surprise her latest endeavor, after a whirlwind start, is gaining momentum, notice, and new wings as the NEW Superstar WOMEN Entrepreneurs Media Network, a division of Joie G 113, begins to take flight, steadily growing in only its first quarter.

Despite her strong and successful background accentuated by a Hollywood-associated career of red carpets, star-studded events, camera flashes, and the spotlight, Joie must feel a little like—with a swirl of excitement and fear—she’s plunged from the edge of a giant cliff into an abyss of unknowns. (The digital frontier is a little like that, with vastly new and unknown territory to explore and conquer.)

And so off to conquer is where you’ll find Joie and her first-rate gathering of talent so far. Leading a dynamic group of women content creators with her show, SWE Spotlight With Joie LIVE, she empowers women to create a beautiful personal and professional lifestyle by spotlighting women entrepreneurs who share superstar tools, tips and resources to implement with ease and grace.

And, well, Joie Gharrity is nothing if not a mover and shaker.

A Network of Women’s Voices

So, that’s probably why shaking the livestream podcast tree to pioneer a network featuring only women content creators, made for and by women to elevate women, celebrate and spotlight them, and provide women-centric programming at every level forced her off that cliff so fast, heads would spin.

Joie’s Superstar WOMEN Entrepreneurs Media Network focuses on promoting the lifestyles of women entrepreneurs by showcasing expert, hand-picked, livestream and podcast hosts. Each creator among these professional women superstars represents a mix of success and experience worthy of aspiration. Each is an industry expert in their respective field.

They share unique perspectives, tons of new ideas, books, tips, product details, health and wellness information, and social media/business must-knows to address the many challenges women face.

Well, let’s just say grab your favorite beverage and settle into the channel!

Casting a Don’t Miss Lineup

Peruse Business Kare With Kerstin for valuable finds to learn how to step into your greatness as a business owner and leader.

As an international leadership coach, Kerstin O’Shields brings a ton of real-world business expertise to help you ignite your career with confidence and leadership mindset. Her experience and credentials are impressive, but what she shares via her show can elevate YOU.

Guest interviews Kerstin brings to each episode further her mission to help women owners struggle less in running their epic businesses.

Hang around for a few episodes of Claudine’s show to grab the scoops on health, wellness, and diet/nutrition concerns important to all women, especially as our bodies change over time.

Claudine Francois’s show Healthy Delicious Lifestyle With Claudine is a powerful example of inner and outer care for women to be their best selves.

She’s fun and energetic as she shares healthy, delicious gold nuggets with each episode. Stop in and take a tasty bite of Claudine’s goodness and enjoy yourself with her vivacious and genuine straight-up informational healthy inspirations.

Business Energized

Steps To Feel Good Daily With Lona makes you feel better just by reading the show title, but Lona DeRieux, a wellness advocate and energy worker, delivers a lot more magic to help people cultivate a love-filled lifestyle.

Lona wants women to embrace life with ease by allowing themselves to live with a mindset of acceptance of their many gifts over struggles or challenges. Lona’s open heart lends itself to others for feeling their inner openness and finding ease in approaching their daily world.

Once you get your leadership on with Kerstin, are feeling healthy and delicious with Claudine, and through Lona, have an invigorated glow, it only seems natural to circle back to face the madness of marketing. But, with Mary, you get the best in concrete marketing advice based on proven and successful business experience and insights.

Plus, Mary “MobileMary” Barnett brings it all to you with style and verve. Brilliant Marketing With Mary is loaded with the know-how of practice and confidence in her trade. You can’t watch Mary for digital marketing and communications expertise and not discover something you’re in a hurry to use.

Finding Grace and Ease

These women embody beautiful projections of the finest women in business with their voices, attitudes, lessons, and successes, together reaching out to empower other women. Joie, Kerstin, Claudine, Mary, and Lona are stepping into their spotlights— and taking all women in the palms of their hands to join the gathering, share ideas, and support one another.

In any role they undertake— as a mom, business person, family or community member, or whatever— resides the “don’t speak about” matters of dior importance to women. Things like emotions, intuition, soul, spirituality, morality, and nurturing. And because Joie G113 and the lovely hosts of the Superstar WOMEN Entrepreneurs Media Network all understand and embrace these deeper realizations about women in their loving style for mentorship. The result and the honesty to include and uplift each other is (finally) the genuine positioning of this TRUE network of women leaders.

It’s good to feel welcome. Learning inspires. Information flows. Sharing is a good thing. And lifting women in the way this network’s approach represents makes it feel new. Inviting the uninvited in some ways. Because women can meaningfully lift other women with a true appreciation for their unique talents and needs, and Joie and her hosts are out to prove it.

Grace and ease, both personally and professionally, are the gifts that Joie aspires to bring to women as a lifestyle through her business and women’s media network. I can’t think of a finer gift.

Imagine the strength of a shared voice of women worldwide coming together to empower each other and build positive lifestyles from a core of love, spirituality, and wisdom, built on a foundation of grace and ease with ourselves, businesses, families, and the world.

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by Sue-Ann Bubacz