Superstar Cori Wamsley Joins the SWE Media Star Lineup

Tackling a new media network of spicy, and talented women entrepreneurs with the objective of rising to the top as a livestream destination of programming and resources created by and for women entrepreneurs takes guts, grind, and a big heart.

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Luckily, Joie Gharrity remains undaunted as she lovingly and diligently works to bring this new frontier into the dazzling digital future, not only with style and sweetness but also by fashioning her Superstar WOMEN Entrepreneurs Media Network’s signature goal in doing so with ease and grace.

After a solid first quarter— albeit a few growing pains sneaking in— Joie’s newest division, Superstar WOMEN Entrepreneurs (SWE) Media, powered by a fascinating mix of high-achieving professionals, is exploding into its second quarter with an impressive catalog of shows, guests, and topics piling up.

Besides growing view time, engagement, and SWE interest brewing by the day, there’s an even more newsworthy announcement to share with you.

A privilege for SWE, the addition of author Cori Wamsley, founder of Aurora Corialis Publishing, as a NEW content creator of the show Page-Turner’s Studio, is sure to entertain and enlighten viewers and listeners alike.

Cori’s show debuts on Wednesday, June 28th, and brings you an educated and experienced resource and guide for a plethora of knowledge around all things writing, editing, publishing, and book promotion.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg for the depth and wealth of wisdom Cori offers to share every Wednesday @ 7 a.m. Pacific, 9 a.m. Central, and 10 a.m. Eastern, along with featuring impactful guest entrepreneurs for a page-turning saga you won’t want to miss— so be sure to tune in.

“Cori is the ideal addition to the SWE Media family. She inspires and empowers women entrepreneurs through books, publishing, and more.”
SWE Founder – Joie G

Spotlighting Superstar Cori Wamsley

Cori Wamsely isn’t new to helping empower women, writers, and authors (to name a few) with her inspiring work and extensive background in the fascinating world of books and publishing, where she helps leaders tell their transformational stories and grow recognition. 

Cori’s bestselling book, The SPARK Method: How to Write a Book for Your Business Fast, is only one piece for driving her bigger purpose to inspire and guide business leaders on how to leverage their brand story by crafting a transformational and foundational published book. 

Cori can show you how to create and publish a professional book that:

  • Connects with your audience
  • Demonstrates leadership
  • Makes an impact

But beyond coaching and publishing, Cori’s also an accomplished author of an assortment of fiction, including children’s books titles and novels. If you look a little closer, you’ll discover another talent from this richly-practiced writer in the form of illustrations. 

Speaker, Author, Coach, and More… Cori Delivers

In a recent interview with Amanda Kunkel, called “5 Keys to Writing Nonfiction,” I love the candor Cori expresses about the everybody-wants-to-write-a-book mentality.

What she shares feels particularly genuine (at least to me as a writer) by talking about how you need to feel about writing your book. Because, Cori explains, the energy you bring shows up in your writing.

Writing from a negative or angry energy, Cori shares, is sure to make for a book that nobody wants to read because your energy going in shines through in your writing. To simplify and illustrate this point, she says to think about how you feel when you write a review— a good or bad one— and how the writing comes out, reflecting those emotions!

When I think about it, this mirrors the whole direction of the SWE Network because finding grace and ease in your business and life does a great deal to bring you the kind of “empowered energy” you need to start, be, and stay successful.

Growing into your empowered energy reflecting a professional and personal lifestyle with grace and ease isn’t always an easy task. (But don’t worry, Joie’s SWE has your back!) And Cori Wamsley, like the other Superstar creators in the SWE Media, Network, has put in the work over the last 18 years, giving her much to share.

All of Cori’s glorious background brings so much to the party for SWE with her solid and longtime commitment to helping empower women entrepreneurs. I think it’s in her DNA! 

In 2022, Cori was presented with a Brainz CREA Global Award. This prestigious award is given to top entrepreneurs, influential leaders, and innovators recognized for innovative ideas, resourcefulness, or accomplishments in sustainability and mental health.

How Cori Aligns with SWE Values

Besides awards, accolades, and achievements, Cori’s warm approach and emphasis on human connections promise great things in store for all of the SWE community.

Especially insightful and in perfect step with SWE Media Network branding messaging, taking the emphasis off of yourself with the content you produce and spotlighting the people you help and serve is Cori’s go-to reminder for talking people off the edge, as well, especially for their book writing projects.

Other reminders, like allowing people to feel what you felt in a situation by leveraging and weaving stories into your content, represent more of the powerful advice Cori offers.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what Cori Wamsley shares as the newest content creator for the SWE Media Network. I already know you’re going to love it… just sayin’.

What a perfect fit for an already incredible lineup of talent and professionalism to cover your needs as a successful woman entrepreneur, leveling your way up to exist with ease and grace in your everyday successes.

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