Meet the new face of love. I am not a super affectionate person. I am not big on giving or receiving hugs. I did not grow up a flower child.

Growing up I would hear things like “All you will ever need is love.” “Love is the answer.” and honestly along with Hallmark cards, I considered it all to be cheesy.

I never thought that love had anything to do with gaining more success, improving my health, making my dreams and desires come to fruition. Instead, I bought fully into the American way that it all came down to being driven, working hard, and getting that lucky break along the way.

It never occurred to me that Love had everything to do with it until two years and five months ago. I was sitting at my friend’s life celebration and I was thinking how disappointment, anger, fear, sadness… seemed to out shadow the good stuff in my life to date. I was feeling hopeless. Then something extraordinary happened at that very moment. It was as if a bright light of pure love washed over me. Then a series of past memories flooded my consciousness within seconds.

Each memory connected a dot to the next and the next. And my true-life purpose was revealed to me. It all became so clear. All the road signs had been there for years, yet I kept driving right by them. The real reason that I worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 20+ years and observed superstars like Will Smith, Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker… And as I connected the dots, I felt compelled to share the true secret sauce to making our dreams and desires come to full fruition with the masses. That day I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that. However, I knew it was part of the big picture.

Since that day I have been working on how to articulate what was revealed to me. The key has everything to do with what I have coined the Love Bucket Capacity. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing my Love Bucket Capacity journey, what was downloaded to me as I was connecting the memory dots, how luck has nothing to do with it, why I am claiming that I am the new face to love and the ultimate secret sauce to you getting what you want!

Want to learn how to grow your Love Bucket Capacity?

Sending you waves of love!


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