Love Bucket – Part 2

(You can read Part 1 here: Love Bucket Part 1)

At my friend’s life celebration, I was sitting in disappointment, anger, fear, sadness… then something extraordinary happened. A bright light of pure love washed over me. Suddenly a serious of past memories flooded my consciousness within seconds. Each memory connected the dot to the next and the next. All the memories starred a Superstar talent – Will Smith, Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker Jeff Goldblum… who I had crossed paths with while working in the Hollywood entertainment business for 15+ years. As each memory connected to the next the real reason why I worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry was revealed to me along with my true-life purpose.

Since returning to the Bay Area after working in the LA for a big chunk of my adult life I often reflected on why my life journey took me to Hollywood in the first place. Never once did I dream of working in the biz on movies or TV. I grew up thinking that I would go into the family therapy field. Frankly, I believed that I accidentally just fell into the industry. At my friend’s life celebration, I knew it was no accident.

That day after connecting the dots each memory was meant to reveal a common thread. I felt a strong want and need to share what I had learned with the masses. That the common thread I observed via the Superstars on how they are able to manifest their dreams and desires to full fruition and more importantly how they are able to sustain them for long period of time for some and a lifetime for others had everything to do with LOVE. I couldn’t believe that I did not see it before it was so simple, and the key had presented itself to me so many times over the years. I just was not ready to receive the message until that day.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to share the key with the masses, but I knew I had to first put it into action.

Today, I have taking the key that was revealed to me and wrapped it into what I have coined as growing your Love Bucket Capacity. Which I have been sharing with all of you for the past six-months. For the last two-years and six-months I have put the Love Bucket Capacity into action with a series of Love Bucket Capacity daily habits and my life has transformed. My love and joy for life has soared higher and higher along with my dreams and desires. I will be sharing more about that in this blog series. The best part is that I have been working on my second book called Be Your Own Superstar. In the book I share the memories that connected the dots, my Love Bucket Capacity journey, the Love Bucket Daily Habits that I crated and so much more so that your love and joy for life along with your dreams and desires can soar higher and higher Sisters and Brothers.

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Sending you love and appreciation!
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