In today’s increasingly technological world, knowing how to make your dynamic qualities shine on camera is essential for being a successful. Whether you are recording an on-camera interview for a nationally televised show or you are taping a video drip marketing campaign that will go out to clients and potential clients, it important for you to learn professional techniques for letting your light shine just as bright as the stars in Hollywood. To help you take center stage with your next on-camera project, here are 13 tips for a successful video drip marketing campaign.

Tip #1. Be Prepared

Being prepared will help you to project your natural confidence

Tip #2. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is important for establishing a personal connection with your audience. Be sure to look directly at the camera.

Tip #3. Do Your Research

Be sure to watch a few episodes of a video marketing campaign that has gotten traction in the marketplace and be sure to take notes.

Tip #4. Dress Appropriately

Be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion and remember that your fashion can make a major statement about your personal brand.

Tip #5. Use Television Makeup

Generally, on-camera makeup should be applied slightly heavier than normal to avoid shine and to bring out your best features.

Tip #6. Watch Your Body Language

On-camera viewers tune into more than just your words. Therefore, you will want to make sure your body language matches your message. Avoid using overly large gestures and fidgeting.

Tip #7. Remember to Smile

A smile always makes a person more personable and attractive. Make sure to smile so that you will come off friendly and approachable.

Tip #8. Avoid Distractions

Leave your cell phone behind, never chew gum and try to avoid sitting in a swivel-style chair.

Tip #9. Stay Calm

During any recording, there are a thousand things that can suddenly occur. Remember to stay calm if your feed suddenly stops rolling.

Tip #10. Use Soundbites

To make sure that the right image is presented, try to break up your include soundbites that establish you as the expert in your field.

Tip #11. Speak Clearly

Muffled speech and mumbling can detract from your message and turn viewers off. Always speak clearly and distinctly while adding emotional intonations for emphasis so that your audience can fully grasp your message.

Tip #12. Exude energy

Being energetic on air is an important part of capturing your audience’s attention. To be sure that your sparkling personality comes across on screen, try taking a brisk walk before your interview.

Tip #13. Always Rehearse

Rehearsing is the best way to alleviate stress so that you can deliver your message with the calm demeanor and confident style that you are known for. When rehearsing, be sure to use all of the previous techniques so that you can rock your brand and take center stage.
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Joie Gharrity

Joie was inspired to write The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence because she realized that most creative types and entrepreneurs were not focused on standing in their own Spotlight and selling themselves, which impacts their long-term success and earning power.
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