Lately I have been back in pre-production model. In other words, I am prepping for upcoming workshops, keynotes, launching a brand new online group program, etc. It is all the work before the big premiere.

It can be a lonely time for me because it is the “just hunker down and get the work done” time. It got me thinking about the life rhythm as an entrepreneur. We work and work to get our events, books, and programs designed and ready for launch and then—“tada!”—we launch and it feels great and it is so much fun. But much like the circus that comes to town, we have to break down our tents and set out to the next town to keep the company thriving.

I have found that it is the pre-production stage that has helped me to grow and stretch because it is so uncomfortable. I have to dig deep to believe that what I am creating will be received well by the marketplace. I have to be disciplined and, even when I want to quit, find that second wind to keep pushing through. I have to continue to be Visible and not allow myself to isolate and step back into the shadows.

Being an entrepreneur at any rhythm takes discipline and a whole lot of inner game tools in the toolbox. Here are some things I do to keep myself OT (on track):

  • Listen to music that I love
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • See friends and we don’t talk about work
  • Surround myself with beautiful paintings, books, cards, flowers…

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“Uncomfortable is the new comfortable.”
Brand Director, Marketer, Author & International Speaker
Joie Gharrity