I was a lone wolf for many years. After over 15+ years working in the Hollywood entertainment industry, I was slow to trust others. I had some incredible women entrepreneurs come into my life and put all those fears to rest. What I learned from the beautiful life lesson

  • What happened in the past should stay in the past. To release old stories and create new ones.
  • The key to a successful personal and professional life is community and tribe.
  • Only together can your brand soar higher and higher.

Today, when I see women entrepreneurs who are lone wolves, I try to encourage them to let their walls down and trust again. I do encourage all of us to pull back the red curtains. There are people who have agendas that are not community based, and that is okay. That is their journey. They are just not a fit for me. But tribe, both locally and online, is a blessing, and together we can move mountains.
Brand Director, Creative Producer, Author & International Speaker Joie Gharrity

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