I am just a few weeks away from heading back down to my old stomping grounds in Hollywood to co-host a workshop on Being Your Own Superstar and owning your online Influence. 

I used to think working in the movie business and being an entrepreneur were completely different. But actually there are a ton of similarities. 

It takes a large crew (tribe) to create a movie and bring it to the marketplace. A movie starts with a vision that goes on paper then the courage to go after that vision and lots of time and energy by the director (entrepreneur) to get the movie to the screen. No matter how much time and planning goes into pre-production of a movie there are always endless hiccups and learning curves (just another day in the life of an entrepreneur.) In order to sell tickets and fill the theater seats, endless marketing is put into play to gain Visibility and the attention of the marketplace months before the movie is released (sound familiar?).

I am grateful to be going back to Hollywood and to be working with Directors, Talent, and Entrepreneurs. There are times I miss being on a movie set. But being an entrepreneur has me so busy that those times are few and far between.

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“Uncomfortable is the new comfortable.”
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Joie Gharrity