Superstar Song and Verses One-Off Package 

Your brand Song & Verses is the heartbeat to your brand. Without it current customers won’t recognize the business they have come to depend on and future customers won’t even listen.

Joie has created a very unique and special Song & Verses System. It not only elevates the brand but it also elevates the client in both their personal and professional life.

1 x 90 Song & Verses Session.
The Song & Verses serve as your key brand messaging and allow the marketplace to emotionally connect with you and your brand. Your Song & Verses are timeless.

*Joie Gharrity will add you to the 113 Branding Network. She created the 113 Branding Network for clients to gain greater Visibility and Influence, while enriching their connections and associations.

This is a very special package and Joie is selective as to who she works with in creating their Song & Verses. Only apply if you are serious about building a thriving business and you are willing to invest your time.