Superstar VIP Day Package

The Superstar VIP Day is for Coaches & Consultants only. If you feel like you have been spinning your wheels and you have been told to build more content and yet you are not filling programs, events etc. this customized VIP Day is designed to help you build your “Master System” based on the content and materials you already have.

Joie has created a step-by-step system that illuminates and builds your master system (cash cow) in one day and helps you to stop standing on top of your company brand empire instead make your company empire work for you.

  • 5 hour Intensive Day.
  • Joie creates your “Master System” that holds all of your content that she categorize into divisions of your company and programs.
  • Then she takes the supporting content and leverages it to support your Master System in each division. This gets big results because it reinforces your coach or consultants expertise and allows you to stop building from scratch, which is exhausting.
  • You can then lean on your programs one through three per division that are a direct extension of your Master System and they are the tangibles that you share with your clients. You no longer need to incorporate your intuitive that wipes you out after one client session.
  • You will have more energy and you will get bigger results for your clients.
  • Over time all you have to do is just keep adding to the content to your already established Master System.