Forecast Rain Or Shine

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Forecast Rain Or Shine

Last week the day before my keynote it was storming, and the rain was so thick it made driving a difficult task.

I was disappointed knowing that the weather would impact the attendance. I was looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. I held onto the hope that the weather would miraculously clear up.

That next morning the storm continued to rear its ugly head. On the way to the keynote old stories started haunting me. Stories about how unlucky I was and why does this always happen to me stories.

As I approached my destination and turned a corner so did my attitude. I reminded myself how there is no such thing as “luck.” It is a myth that is perpetuated in the marketplace to create a feeling of disempowerment. I reminded myself that I am in charge of being my own superstar.

I made peace with whatever the outcome. A huge sense of relief came over. My attitude and energy began to shine.

And the best part is there was a happy ending. The room was full of old friends and new ones that came out to support. As my keynote drew to a close the clouds began to part, and the sun came out to play. Once again, I was reminded that life is what we make it rain or shine.

Do you believe that you are in charge of being your own superstar Sisters and Brothers?

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