The Double Dip is a brilliant simple strategy that moves brand visibility to a whole new level.

Based on community building and leverage, it is a delectable way to get noticed without hogging the limelight. This tactic allows two company brands to meld their ideas into a media partnership, and design a gourmet treat to highlight both parties! Which can gain you and your company brand delicious visibility in the marketplace.

Follow these five easy steps, to a visible taste sensation.

How the Double Dip works.

1. Network with other like-minded company brand owners to find an organic mix and match. Whoever initiates the Double Dip conversation takes charge.

2. Keep it Simple. Do something as low key as asking brand number 2 to supply a “quote” that ties into one of your upcoming posts. Even sweeter is when you collaborate on the idea. Select a mutually significant topic, each player supplying a slant that is all their own. You and your brand partner can choose from an array of social media options to produce a video, podcast, article, blog, or series of tweets that highlight your chosen topic. Be sure to spotlight the other brand’s contributions positively in your media; the secret sauce is all in the teamwork.

3. It’s the big day! Both and your partner need to publish the cross-pollinated content simultaneously across all of your social media to ensure maximum exposure. Don’t forget to tag each other to heighten the delicious taste sensation.

4. Be discerning. Always post your social media in groups that complement your message and company brand.

5. Don’t stop with one Double Dip. Keep the sweetness flowing by cross-pollinating in new and succulent ways. Look for brands that have a similar target market to help you launch that next interactive double.

What is the benefit of double dipping?

When you turn the spotlight on other brands, you will find the spotlight turning back to shine directly on your brand. First, you are leveraging each other’s net worth, which can lead to greater sales not only for your brand, but for those that you’re associated with—which increases your marketability with other community brands.

Additionally, you promote positive communications between company brand owners—not just those in your area, but those nation- and worldwide. This makes for amazing opportunities for you to help each other attain what you’ve been looking for: Brand Visibility.

Think triple delicious!

The Double Dip is a delicious starting point, but you haven’t heard it all.

The Triple Dip is a flavorful community-building strategy for business owners who are ready to take it to the next level.

How the Triple Dip works.

With the intention of scooping up each other’s net worth and boosting community, three brands forge a plan to strategically coordinate their chosen social media creation together, thereby highlighting all of their brands. Released at the same time, it’s a veritable supernova of brand visibility.

The Triple Dip strategy provides endless benefits. It promotes positive and widespread visibility for your brand. Additionally, your brand’s exposure will not only bring about new opportunities, but it will also open up conversations with other brands, boosting a community-building opportunity.

Start today — comb your network, and see how The Double Dip and/ or The Triple Dip could work for your brand and for the brands in your community. There is power in numbers. Heads Up – any collaborative venture must always be based on mutual respect, reciprocated energy, complete authenticity, and trust. There are no limits to how you can up your visibility game with the double and triple dip!

Brand Strategist and Creative Producer Joie Gharrity is honored to be a Huffington Post contributor.

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