Marilyn Monroe’s flirtatious smile and flawless physique have led her to become an American icon that challenges the modern standards that have been established for feminine beauty. From the movie screen to center stage, Marilyn’s body has been revered throughout history by men and women alike. Although today’s woman may struggle to fit into a size four dress, Marilyn was dazzling her admirers while wearing a size twelve. While the debate rages on regarding Marilyn’s true size, there are a few things every person can learn from Marilyn about how to bring their best features into the spotlight.

An Enigmatic Figure
Throughout her life, Marilyn Monroe maintained a mysterious air that has only served to increase speculation regarding her fame. One of the most greatly debated aspects of Marilyn’s life is her true dress size. Although size estimates have ranged from an 8 to a 16, most people have settled upon a U.S. dress size of 12. A large part of this mystery may be due to the fact that her weight fluctuated dramatically, and most of her clothing was custom made. Whatever her size might have been, the one thing that no one can debate is that her legendary beauty is timeless.

Beauty as a Mindset
Marilyn’s hourglass figure may have been the focus of countless photo spreads; however, it is the fact that she exuded self-confidence that many credit as being the basis of her sex appeal. Wherever Marilyn Monroe went, her vivacious personality shined through. Whether she was entertaining the President or simply glamming it up for the camera, she managed to blend vulnerability and intelligence into every smile. Her persona made it clear that whether she was a size 12 or a size 2 never mattered more than the fact that she was trendsetting and adventurous.

Learning from Marilyn
It may be impossible to emulate Marilyn’s one-of-a-kind figure; however, there are still many lessons to learn from her iconic beauty. Instead of obsessing over her flaws, Marilyn made the most out of her unique features to carve out an iconic brand that continues to sell products today. She was comfortable in her own body-no matter the size-and knew how to put her best features into the spotlight. From this, every woman can learn that true beauty comes from being unique and never settle for simply blending in to the crowd. Discover what it is that makes you different from the rest and always have the courage to take center stage.

Brand Strategist and Creative Producer Joie Gharrity is honored to be a Huffington Post contributor.

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