Hollywood Forever

I visited my old haunting ground LA LA Land for some business and networking. I was excited to be back in a town that offered me so many professional and personal opportunities that I called home for 15+ years.

The choice to visit LA LA Land put me back on a movie set and networking with new and old friends at my favorite restaurant in town.

While I was walking back to the hotel I started thinking about choices. I made the choice to move to Hollywood and work in the entertainment business and then made the choice to leave Hollywood and start my own business
113 Branding. There have been several times over the years that I have worried about if I had made the right choice.

It was so obvious to me that evening that every choice I have made has been in perfect order and perfect timing. Each choice has brought me challenges and rewards that have encouraged me to stretch and grow.

I felt a sense of freedom and gratitude. I immediately felt a new sense of confidence about the choices I would make in the future.

Do you believe that every choice we make is in perfect order and perfect timing Sisters and Brothers?

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“Uncomfortable is the new comfortable”
Brand Director, Marketer, Author & International Speaker
Joie Gharrity