For the past two weeks my worry meter has been on overload. It started as a small negative thought that turned into a full blown mountain of worry. That turned into me trying to control my environment and that turned into feeling exhausted and not excited about what was next.

This morning I had an AHA and I was able to identify the trigger. It was that dreaded kiddie pool scenario. I got triggered when I assumed someone was not willing to get into my kiddie pool. And I was doing everything I could to get them to join my pool party. The rejection became a distraction. The need to be loved and seen by that person became the focus and energy drain. The pool trigger is a sneaky one. I couldn’t see it I was too busy worrying LOL. 

Today I am swimming and feeling great. The worry spell has been broken. I am at peace and super excited about what is next. My pool is swimming with Sisters and Brothers who do want to get into my kiddie pool who are on flamingo pool floats, springing off the diving board and having a blast.

Are you ready to kick the worry meter to the curb? Who are you pleading with today to get into your kiddie pool? How many more days, weeks or years do you want to continue to focus on the rejected invitation? Are you ready to upgrade from a kiddie pool to a fabulous rooftop pool? It is your choice Sisters and Brothers. Look forward to seeing your poolside.
Brand Director, Marketer, Author & International Speaker
Joie Gharrity

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