I was watching an interview the other day and the featured guest was talking about happiness and how it is literally a choice. Not just when you get up in the morning but the opportunity to choose to be happy comes along every minute of the day.

It got me thinking about one of my favorite scenes from the movie The Matrix when Neo is offered the blue pill or the red pill. The red pill is the key to truth and being uncomfortable. The blue pill is staying in the comfort zone and not being mindful.

Happiness for me is the red pill. It takes a conscious effort all day to constantly be checking-in and remind myself that uncomfortable is the new comfortable and happiness is a choice.

There are times that I crave the blue pill and I slip back into the comfort zone. What I have learned is that I am unable to truly be happy because it is all smoke and mirrors.

Today I have taken the red pill and at this exact minute I have made a conscious decision to be happy. What pill are you choosing to take today Sisters and Brothers?
Brand Director, Content Producer, Author & International Speaker
Joie Gharrity

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“Uncomfortable is the new comfortable.”
Brand Director, Marketer, Author & International Speaker
Joie Gharrity