I was watching a talent competition show last night and the judges spoke their truth and gave all the contestants poor reviews round one and then went on to dare them to step up their game. All of this went down live with 10M people watching.

As I watched each contestant I was impressed with how they took the feedback and rather than let it dim their light they quickly made a few internal tweaks and came out blazing round two.

It got me thinking about how we all have a choice to allow a negative review to define our choices moving forward. Or we can take the time to make a few internal tweaks and come out blazing.

Are you getting stuck in someone else’s truth Sisters and Brothers? Are you willing to take the dare and come out blazing?
Brand Director, Creative Producer, Author & International Speaker
Joie Gharrity

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“Uncomfortable is the new comfortable.”
Brand Director, Marketer, Author & International Speaker
Joie Gharrity