Sherill Calhoun No.113 Branding Magazine Spotlight

Only 5 Superstar Women Entrepreneur Spotlights are included in each issue of the No.113 Branding Magazine. Brand Strategist Joie Gharrity does not believe in traditional advertisement ads because it does not emotionally connect with the marketplace. Instead she believes in “Spotlights” that she creates on behalf of you and your company brand. Spotlights allow the marketplace to emotionally connect with you and your brand because they are engaging and include highlights that really get the brand noticed in a big way.

  • Brand Strategist Joie Gharrity takes the time to get to know you and your company brand before writing about you and your brand in the No.113 Branding Magazine Spotlight.
  • Your headshot accompanies the Spotlight for face recognition.No.113 Branding Magazine Spotlight copy.Michelle Radomski No.113 Branding Magazine Spotlight
  • Your Spotlight will be shared individually on it’s own for the duration of the issue.
  • You can repurpose the No.113 Branding Magazine and share the content along with your Spotlight across your net worth and on your website to gain greater VISIBILITY in the marketplace.
  • Brand Strategist leverages her Net Worth outreach of
    2.5+ Million
    and shares the magazine across her social media platforms which include her Facebook Group Branding for Professional Business Women that currently has 4500+ Members.

Virtual No.113 Branding Magazine Launch Party


Extra Value for greater VISIBILITY “The No.113 Branding Magazine Facebook Virtual Launch Party” includes all SPOTLIGHTS and highlights each women entrepreneur per magazine edition creating big buzz which includes Swag Bag Giveaways for invited participants and more!


To learn more about the No.113 Branding VIP Magazine Spotlight and working with Brand Strategist Joie Gharrity a complimentary 30 minute call is available just fill out the contact form enclosed and get started:

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