In today’s increasingly technological world, knowing how to make your dynamic qualities shine on camera is essential. Whether you are recording an on-camera interview for a nationally televised show or you are taping a video drip campaign that will go out to your clients, it important for you to learn professional techniques for letting your light shine just as bright as the stars in Hollywood.

To help you take center stage with your next on-camera project, here are
3 Brand Strategy Tips for a successful on-camera appearance.

Brand Strategy Tip #1. Be Prepared

Being prepared for your interview will help you to project your natural confidence on-screen. If possible, ask for a list of questions beforehand so that you can practice your responses. By anticipating the types of questions you may receive, you can practice your answers in the mirror. This will help you to respond quickly to questions and establish yourself as an authority on the subject matter.

Brand Strategy Tip #2. Make Eye Contact

As with any conversation, eye contact is important for establishing a personal connection with your audience. When speaking directly to a viewer through media such as Skype, be sure to look directly at the camera. If you are having a recorded face-to-face interview, then focus on making eye contact with your interviewer.

Brand Strategy Tip #3. Do Your Research

Always find out as much as possible about the person conducting your interview. Be sure to watch a few episodes of previously aired shows and make notes on your interviewer’s personal style. This will help you to respond appropriately and avoid being caught off-guard by strange quirks.

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