I am a big fan of spotlighting other company brands, services and products across my social media business channels.

This is a form of networking that I was taught early on in my career in the Hollywood Entertainment business. In order to drive people into the theater or drive eyeballs to the small screen we would spread the word about the project by highlighting the individual players that took part in making the project. Whether it was the director, producer, writer, actors, or crew members we would leverage the entire team to attract more attention to the BIG PICTURE.


Today I have taken that same approach and turned it into a 113 Branding Strategy “When you turn the SPOTLIGHT on other brands, you will find the spotlight turning back to shine directly on your brand. People support those who they know support them. This brand strategy only works when you are leading from your heart and a place of integrity.”


Who can you be shining a spotlight on today? It is a great way to honor and share the love. By turning up the spotlight on others you are also turning up the spotlight on your brand.


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