I meditate every morning so that I can show up for “me” so that I can be a “we” throughout the day.

When I first started meditating I did it because my meditation teacher told me that it could help me become more successful in business. That is the honest and authentic truth of why I started meditating.

And meditation has definitely helped me to become more successful in business but it has also helped me become more successful in every aspect of my life.

I realized it was a daily ritual that allowed me to show up for “me” and celebrate my unique-self first which in turn has helped me to go from a “me” to a “we”.
Meditation has allowed me to open myself up to embracing community and allow myself to be loved for who I am.

Don’t get me wrong I definitely have my moments of being a “me” but then I meditate a little longer that day and call upon my community for support and love.

I am grateful that this powerful daily ritual found it’s way into my life and I am grateful that I can proudly call myself a “we” today because of it.

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