A few years ago, I was granted a rather large account and opportunity. I thought this was a dream come true. The dollar signs and all the influence that came along with the account made me ignore my gut to run—not walk—away from this situation.

My company brand and I paid a big price for saying YES. It turned out that the client was absolutely not my ideal client. So, as I started moving through the branding process she kept moving me over and making herself the brand expert.

When I tried to get things back in alignment, she would make it personal between her and me and not about the business at hand. It was a nightmare, to say the least. I literally shut my doors for over a year.

The beautiful lesson I learned from the situation is that I was able to identify my Ideal Client and I gave myself permission to always follow my gut no matter how big the price tag.

I don’t believe in niche marketing. Instead, my Ideal Client comes along with qualities that I admire.

My Ideal Client:

  • Is looking to jump cliffs and wants their business to be successful.
  • Has a message that they feel strongly about sharing with community and the world.
  • Is willing to be open to the process.
  • Looking to learn new techniques and tools.
  • Wants to express their unique-self in the marketplace.
  • Is passionate about being of service to their clients and community.

I set my intention every month with these qualities always in the forefront, and—tada—my Ideal Client shows up.

What qualities are you looking for in your Ideal Client?

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