As your company brand Visibility grows so will your on-camera appearances.

Recently I was a features guest on Connecting People, Changing Lives TV Show with host Nancy Ferrari and Caren Taubman Glasser and I shared my unique system for branded that I refer to as Your Song & Verses. I asked these two seasoned pros to share their unique-point-of-view on how Virtual TV is helping women entrepreneurs get their company brands noticed in todays marketplace.


Caren Taubman Glasser shared that virtual TV is helping women entrepreneur “Show up, be visible and get noticed.”



Nancy Ferrari




Nancy Ferrari ” shared that “You have the opportunity to be the expert and be the author.”

They both share their top 3 tips for your upcoming on-camera appearance:


1. Come to the show knowing your unique-point-of-view and ready to share it with conviction.

2. Be confident with your “content” share. Come to the show with your key points and make sure that they are clear so that the audience understands them.

3. Be comfortable in your skin. The audience knows when you are feeling uncomfortable about your appearance and you are beautiful just the way you are so own it.

I want to thank Nancy Ferrari and Caren Taubman Glasser for sharing their gifts and talents with the No.113 Branding community in todays 113 Visibility Spotlight. Cheers to you Nancy and Caren!

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