I believe that when a brand is constantly changing directions it is a reflection of the brand’s lack of clarity with a twist of sabotage. This can cause the house of cards to fall, or even the doors to close for good.

For instance, one week a brand is selling “life coaching” and the next week teaching a workshop solely on “Facebook Ads.” It sends out a message of chaos, and hurts the brand’s earning power.

Here are a couple of tangible steps you can take to get clear on your brand:

  • Create an umbrella that houses the brand divisions. This way you won’t feel boxed in, and you can expand on the brand while still making sense in the marketplace.
  • Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Pick a lane and one that you love. And dedicate your energy to establishing yourself as an expert in the marketplace.
  • Know thyself. Develop a large tool-box of inner game techniques that you can lean on. Sabotage is real. The more you know yourself, the more often you can identify when you are in a sabotage cycle, and the faster you can get out of the cycle.

I encourage you to sit-down with yourself and put the enclosed steps into action.
Brand Strategist, Marketer, Author and Speaker
Joie Gharrity