Early in my career I was a script development girl. In other words I would read endless scripts daily looking for great material that my boss a Hollywood Movie Producer would be interested in producing.

He offered me an opportunity to attend the Cannes Film Festival held in Cannes France with him so we could look for upcoming talent and potential projects. The Cannes Film Festival is the largest and most glamorous festival in the world. This was a big opportunity and I said YES.

When we arrived in Cannes he informed me that I would be on my own during the day and I was to attend the buyer and sales film convention to look for potential projects and make connections. We would only meet at night for dinner and I would be expected to download him on the potential projects and connections that I made. I felt as if I had been thrown into the deep end of the pool.

I summoned up my courage and I attended the buyer and sales film convention alone. Thankfully the company I worked for had a growing “buzz” in Europe so as soon as I started introducing myself around the convention center buyers and sellers started offering me invitations to attend fabulous parties and movie screenings.

One well-known buyer offered me an opportunity to accompany him to film screenings that only VIP’s were allowed to attend. This was a big opportunity and I said YES. He picked me up at my hotel on a red Vespa. I jumped on the back and off we went zipping through the streets of Cannes.

He introduced me to a young movie producer from LA and we became fast friends. This young producer invited me to come and meet him in the morning at his hotel for breakfast. I invited my boss to attend and he informed me that this opportunity was too small and said NO.

The following morning I handed the cab driver the address and $60.00 later I arrive at the Hotel du Cap. The Hotel du Cap is one of the most famous hotels in the world located on the French Riviera. When I saw my boss that evening for dinner he was floored by my experience.

After returning to LA this young movie producer invited me to his incredible home in Santa Monica for a dinner party. It turns out that he was a super connector. The next day when I arrived at the office and told my boss about this grand dinner party and all the influential people that I was introduced to, he regretted his decision of saying NO in Cannes.

As an entrepreneur you might always be looking for that big break or big opportunity for you and your brand. But I encourage you to say YES even if you think the opportunity might look small BIG things can come out of it.

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