Playing the visibility game and shining a bright light on your brand will win you golden opportunities and dollars and cents.

Hiding your brand in the shadows is doing you and your brand a disservice. As an entrepreneur you might be FEARFUL of sharing your brand in a big way. You might be afraid of being ridiculed or criticized. And YES you might encounter some of that and that is the truth. But if you are coming from a place of integrity and your passionate about your brand succeeding and doing well you have to make your brand visible.

Just talking about your brand is not enough. Tangibles are how you win the visibility game. Incorporating your brand into tangible materials and sharing your brands unique point of view scores your brand touchdowns. Content building through articles, e-books, videos, blogs etc. is a great way to shine a bright light on your brand and make your brand Visible in the marketplace.

You need to make sure that the tangibles you are sharing are in direct alignment with your brand. And you can score even more touchdowns by cross-pollinating your tangible materials.

I get asked by clients were they should share their tangibles and how often. And I say EVERYWHERE and OFTEN. The marketplace is a big place and it takes a ton of content and sharing it often with the marketplace for the marketplace to hook into you and your brand. And being consistent will score touchdowns for your brand.

Please be patient with the process. If you do not see immediate results it doesn’t mean that your visibility game isn’t working. I tell my clients that it takes longer then 2 seconds to win the visibility game. But with a little time you will start seeing results show up in both golden opportunities and dollars and cents.

Want to shine a bright Visibility and Influence Spotlight on you and your brand?

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