As your company brand Visibility and Influence grows so will your on-camera appearances, knowing how to make your dynamic qualities shine on-camera is essential for being successful in your field. It is important for you to learn professional techniques for letting your light shine just as bright as the stars in Hollywood.

Your upcoming on-camera appearance is a great opportunity to build a relationship with the community and get the buzz out about your brand so that you attract high-level clients.

Journalists tell stories for a living. You can help them do their job and make for a more exciting and dynamic interview by incorporating sound bites.

What is a sound bite? A short phrase or sentence that is both memorable and instantly provides a clear statement of your company branded position even to the viewer who is totally unfamiliar with your brand.

For example 113 Branding sound bite:

Your business Visibility and Influence in the marketplace, is directly linked to your brand earning power.

A sound bite allows the marketplace to hook into your brand and to emotionally connect with you and your brand. You want to repeat your sound bites consistently so that it sticks with the consumer in the marketplace.
Brand Director, Content Producer, Author & International Speaker
Joie Gharrity